Drive 2018 Custom Journal Set

$68.00 MSRP
Starting at 500 units
*Set-up fees may apply

Our custom journal is a yearly tradition for Drive and a customer favorite. Every feature and detail were carefully thought out. The journal is available in three different brand specific colors that are also detailed throughout the journal. Find features like a handy calendar in the front and at the top of each page and branded stickers inside. Also nestled inside are customized pages used to increase organization and full color pages for additional branding opportunities. This years journal is stylish and versatile.

A hand selected customized pen couples effortlessly with the journal to complete the look. It is easy to hold with a triangle shape that also allows it to fit securely in its elastic holder. The ball point glides smoothly over each page for easy note taking.

Perfecting this trifecta is the completely customized power bank. The branding opportunity on this piece is limitless through creative designs that can be used on the front and back. Equipped with three different ports, this power bank is compatible with any phone or electronic device.

It's all about the details…
Custom design is our expertise at Drive. Our team will help you to build your own custom journal set from conception to material selection, branding treatment, and manufacturing the final product.

Colors Shown:

Speak to your Drive team for all available color options.


Internal Notes: Pen is from Prodir
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