2022 Drive Journal

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Every New Year is a chance to start fresh, but it's also important to remember the valuable lessons and skills learned over the past year. We're excited to embrace the fun and unique experiences 2022 will offer.

This year's journal set was curated to help you get back out there and dive into the new year. In addition to our limited edition journal and pen for the year, we added a travel pocket ruler to nail down details on the go. Classic travel pieces like a luggage tag and passport holder are necessities for any business trip or personal adventure. We included an Adventure Log to help you better remember your experiences and a set of postcards for you to share your journey with others.

Custom journal sets are an easy way to get creative and keep your messaging front and center for an extended amount of time. Drive is the best at creating, packaging, and fulfilling any custom set, start to finish. Contact your sales team for great ideas customized to your branding needs.

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