Pencil Pouch Set

$16.00 MSRP
Starting at 150 units
*Set-up fees may apply

This set includes 1 vinyl pouch, 4 pencils, and 1 earser. Pouch: Small vinyl Dopp kit with zippered closure for holding items. Pencils: Nothing quite as classic or familiar as a Pencil. From school desks to drafting tables, the pencil has long-held an important role in the written world. Our Pencil is crafted in Japan and ferrule free, making it stand out against the grain of more traditional writing instruments. Available in our 17 Up Your Standard colors as well as natural woodgrain.  Eraser: Time to say so long mistakes and farewell failures! Sure, it can't undo everything. But our Eraser is just about as close to a real-life Ctrl+Z as you can get. It comes in 16 colors, from ever-classy Black to bright and bold Neon Coral. This Eraser will not be beaten; not by pencils, anyways. Mistakes don't stand a chance with this powerful little time-traveler in your possession! Let's take it back now, y'all.

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Colors Shown:
Clear Vinyl, White Eraser, Pink Blue Red & White Pencils

Speak to your Drive team for all available color options.
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